Sunday, May 2, 2010


Welcome to We Love UAEU blog which is a franchise under We Love UAEU brand. It started from a page on facebook with small number of fans. Gradually the page has attracted all UAEU lovers and become one of the most active facebook pages for the students in UAE. At the moment we write this article, We Love UAEU page has 330 fans and continues to gain more and more Inshallah.

After we witnessed good acceptance for our page, we saw the opportunity to spread the love around and realized that having our own blog is one good way. Blog allows us to fulfill the dream of having our website. It is also easy to create and maintain.

Here, Inshallah you will find many interesting articles written by UAEU lovers. We are now recruiting people who have passion in writing and want to express their ideas and thoughts to be contributors of this blog. If you are interested to share your writing here just send an e-mail to

Hope you enjoy your time here.